If You Hate to Clean You Need a Steam Cleaner

For some people, cleanliness is “next to godliness.”  But, for many others, the idea of cleaning their home sounds like a long and painful appointment at the dentist.  If you are like many and hate cleaning then you need to invest in a cleaning tool that will revolutionize your cleaning routine and take all the pain out of keeping your home clean.  What is that magic cleaning tool?  A steam cleaner!  Say goodbye to endless hours spent scrubbing, touching gross chemicals, spending hundreds of dollars each year on cleaning products, and wasting time trying to clean things that you may not be able to clean with traditional cleaning products.  If you hate cleaning, you need a high-powered steam cleaner in your cleaning arsenal.

Some of the most dreaded cleaning tasks can be tackled with ease and efficiency using a steam cleaner.  Cleaning chores that would normally take hours as well as multiple cleaning products and tools can be done in a fraction of the time using one simple machine and its multitude of useful attachments.  At Vapamore, we design our products to be incredibly versatile and effective.  Our commercial-grade steam cleaners are unlike the steam cleaners you see in most big box stores.  Our steam cleaners don’t just produce steam; they heat water to such a high degree that the steam produced is capable of disinfecting up to 99% of bacteria.  Further, The steam is propelled through a nozzle at such a velocity that it can penetrate even the tiniest of crevices or smallest of pores in a porous surface. The steam lifts and removes dirt and debris while simultaneously disinfecting.  That is why a steam cleaner is so great for both general cleaning and deodorizing as well as disinfection and stain removal.

Because steam penetrates to lift and remove dirt, debris and bacteria, it reduces the amount of scrubbing needed and makes cleaning a breeze which is why those who hate to clean love the steam cleaner.  Further, those who hate to clean often hate it because they do not always have the cleaning products and tools they need when they need them.  And, acquiring and replenishing all of those products and tools is expensive.  When you invest in a Vapamore steam cleaner, you get the steam cleaner as well as a multitude of versatile attachments to ensure that you can tackle any cleaning project that comes your way.  And, after the initial invest in a steam cleaner, you do not need to keep replacing and replenishing products and tools – all you need is water to get the deep clean and disinfection that you want!  If you hate to clean, a high-powered, commercial-grade steam cleaner is what you need to make cleaning an easy and painless task.

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