How Vapamore Offers Unparalleled Support to Customers

At Vapamore, we have spent years upon years carefully crafting our state-of-the-art steam cleaners and steam vacuums. Our products are of the highest quality, constructed of the most durable materials and designed to last. Further, our products provide commercial-level cleaning ability, capable of cleaning and disinfecting far better than any other product on the market. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best steam cleaners and vacuums and our commitment to our customers does not stop there. At Vapamore, we stand out from other manufacturers due to our superior support which includes everything from product education, technical help, usage tips, warranty and repairs.

While other companies may be difficult to reach, most all issues or questions can be addressed by simply calling the Vapamore support staff at 480-951-8900. Further, our website contains the materials needed for user support including product overview videos and specific how to videos as well as usage tips pages. We are always here, 24/7 either by telephone or website, to help support our clients. The videos on our website have been produced to provide concise information to address the most common questions associated with Vapamore products. We strong recommend that our customers familiarize themselves with the videos located on the “Video” page of our website so that they can be fully informed about the intricacies of our products. Other pertinent information regarding Vapamore products, such as usage suggestions and tips, as well as the product PDF instutrction manuals can also be found on our website.

To continue, we off our customers a robust Warranty on all of our products. Most issues encountered stem from a lack of product knowledge. WE are happy to help answer any questions from our customers so that they can be fully informed about their top-of-the-line product. Simply contact our Vapamore support staff with any issues or questions you might have and our support staff will use the ears of experience and knowledge they have accumulated to provide the level of highly dedicated support our customers have come to expect. In most cases, Vapamore will accommodate any request within reason to ensure customer satisfaction with the Vapamore experience. In order to maintain the Vapamore high standard of quality and safety, all service and repairs are to be performed by the Vapamore service department. Any non-authorized service will void all warranties. Allow our talented and dedicated team of support professionals to answer questions and provide support for any of your needs so that you experience the true quality of the Vapamore experience.

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