How to Use Steam for Pet Care and Cleaning at Home

Our furry friends become like family members and we want to give them the best home possible.  Pets are a wonderful addition to any home but as any pet owner knows, they can be a bit messy, smelly or downright gross from time to time.  Caring for your pets is an important aspect of pet ownership because not only does it protect your pet’s health and your family’s health, but it also helps you keep a clean home that does have strange pet odors.  And, just like we want to protect our family’s health by using fewer chemical cleaning products in the home, we should also protect our pet’s health by reducing their exposure to chemicals.  We have all been there – the dog has an accident on the rug, or the cat tracks in mud on its paws.  Spraying a cleaning product on the spot will only treat a small aspect of the bigger problem.  Those germs and odors will penetrate deeply and spray cleaners can only deal with the surface of the problem.  Over time, those stains and germs you thought you removed will resurface in the form of discoloration, odor and permanent damage if left unattended.  This is why chemical cleaning products are simply not the most effect solution when cleaning up after a pet.

Chemical cleaning products leave a biofilm on surfaces that only growing more bacteria.  Further, we all know that cleaning all of our pet’s accessories and furniture is no easy task and is certainly not as simple as wiping down a single hard surface.  Pets have cages/crates with lots of small nooks and crannies, bedding, toys, and more.  It is nearly impossible to really clean every tiny crevice with traditional cleaning products but, fortunately, steam cleaners can!  Steam can penetrate porous surfaces and even the tiniest crevices to lift and remove dirt and bacteria.  This ensures a true cleaning has been achieved.  It can also safely penetrate upholstery and other fabrics so not only will it leave pet bedding and other furniture clean but it will help reduce pet odors throughout your home.  Another important reason it is important to use steam when cleaning up after your pet is that it disinfects so if your pet has an accident in your home or tracks in bacteria from outside, you can clean and disinfect your home so that illness and disease does not spread.

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