How to Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch

Microfiber has become a popular upholstery fabric used in many applications including chairs, ottomans, and sofas.  Microfiber is not a natural material, it is a synthetic material that is known for being easier to clean and maintain because of its durability. And, while it is very popular because it is easy to clean, the cleaning generally needs to take place as soon as possible after a spill or stain gets on the couch or it will quickly become very difficult to clean.  It is always important to review your couch’s manufacturer recommendations for cleaning before doing any kind of cleaning.  But, do not make the mistake of thinking your microfiber couch will not stain – it will.  And, you have to be very careful what chemical cleaner you put on fabric because it may only exacerbate the problem.  Steam cleaning really is the ideal way to clean a microfiber couch.

As soon as you notice you have a stain on your microfiber couch, or it just looks dirty and needs general cleaning, it is time to get out your Vapamore steam cleaner.  First, it is best to lightly vacuum your sofa to remove any dirt, pet hair and other debris before you begin steam cleaning. Vapamore steam cleaners can clean vinyl, synthetic, and cotton upholstery with ease.  You will need to set your steam cleaner to the medium-high heat setting and get out your jet nozzle, clothes steamer, and cotton cover.  Next, test a small, inconspicuous area first.  Then using the clothes steamer with the cotton cover attached, slowly pass over the area and allow the heat to penetrate the microfiber.  It is best to move slowly and deliberately, not passing an area too quickly because steam needs time to really heat up the area for true cleaning and disinfection. This will allow it to get the most deep clean and will even kill things like dust mites and bed bugs if they are present.  You can also use the jet nozzle for cleaning cracks and corners.  If you have a microfiber couch, it is stain resistant but far from impervious to stains, especially if they are not noticed and cleaned immediately.  A steam cleaner can clean fresh, new stains and spills on microfiber sofas and it can often clean and remove old, set in stains as well.


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