How to Properly Clean and Sanitize Food Preparation Areas with Steam

Food preparation, when done right, can lead to some delicious dishes.  A food preparation area, such as one in a professional kitchen at a restaurant, prepares and cooks an immense amount of food every day.  While some food is relatively simple and harmless to prepare, other foods, such as raw chicken, can contaminate surfaces with bacteria.  In order for food to be safe to eat it is important to keep a clean food preparation area.  But, the last thing you want on surfaces where you prepare food is harsh chemicals that could possibly get on the food you serve, alter flavors and pose health risks to customers.  For an optimal cleaning solution in food preparation areas that contains no harsh chemicals, consider using a steam cleaner.  Steam cleaners, such as Vapamore steam cleaners, effectively clean and disinfect surfaces using just water that has been heated to a high temperature.

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning food preparation areas because they can be used to clean a myriad of things such as floors, walls, counters, cutting boards, catering equipment, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, ranges and more.  This means that not only can food be cleaned but even harder to clean things like grease or difficult, stuck on grime.  While traditional cleaning methods with soap and water are effective, steam cleaning can penetrate porous items to get in deeper where other methods would not and get all dirt and bacteria out.  And, in addition to the immense cleaning power of steam for disinfecting purposes, it will also make things look brand new.  This means equipment and anything else that may come in contact with customers can be safely cleaned to such a degree that it will continue to look brand new.  This is important when you have guests that come through your establishment because it puts your business’s best foot forward.  If you run a catering business and use a lot of serving equipment it can quickly get dirty.  That is the last thing customers want to see, especially when it comes to serving food.  Steam cleaning things like catering supplies will always ensure that your business is giving the right impression so that you can generate repeat customers and good word of mouth about your business.  Use your steam cleaner to disinfect, degrease and generally create the food preparation area that anyone would expect their food to come out of.  By doing so, it will create the ideal setting for your to create the best food possible, run a successful and sanitary business so that you can have peace of mind that what you are serving is the highest quality from the cleanest kitchen.


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