How to Clean Your Refrigerator with Steam in 5 Easy Steps

We all rely on our refrigerator to keep our food cold and safe to eat.  We use it every day and, with such frequent use, it gets dirty.  Various foods and substances may spill in the refrigerator and, if not rapidly cleaned up, will harden and become difficult to clean.  Nobody looks forward to cleaning their refrigerator but it should be done often so that your refrigerator looks nice, smells good, and is sanitary.  But, when it comes time to clean to clean your refrigerator, the last thing you should do is reach for the chemical cleaning products.  Chemical cleaning products should not be used on or near food because they may seem into the food you are eating and then be ingested, which is not healthy.  Additionally, most refrigerator manufacturers advise against the use of chemical cleaning products.  Because nobody has tie to soak trays, shelves and drawers all day, or painstakingly scrub and try to remove caked on food without damaging the refrigerator, the best way to clean your refrigerator is with a steam cleaner. Don’t worry, at Vapamore we make it easy for you – follow the 5 steps below to easily and safely clean your refrigerator with steam.

  1. Go Shelf by Shelf and Drawer by Drawer
    • Start by cleaning one shelf off or one drawer out at a time. This way you do not worry about any food sitting out for a prolonged period of time.  Take everything off of one shelf or out of one drawer and then remove the shelf or drawer for easy cleaning.
  2. Vacuum Out Crumbs
    • Crumbs tend to spill in the refrigerator and accumulate on shelves, in drawers or in the bottom of your refrigerator. Grab a vacuum or hand broom and get rid of any crumbs you can for easy cleaning.
  3. Wipe Up Obvious Spills
    • Do you see any obvious spilled liquids or substances? Go ahead and wipe them up as best as possible.  Get rid of anything that is easy to wipe up or remove before tackling the tough spots with the big guns.
  4. Steam Clean
    • Use your steam cleaner to gently and safely remove any spills, food or grime from shelves and drawers. Organic substances should remove with ease and you can wipe away anything that remains.  Steam cleaning will not only leave shelves clean but completely disinfected as well.
  5. Replace Everything
    • Now that everything is clean, wiped off, disinfected and dry, it is time to put things back. Place shelves and drawers back where they belong and then organize your food and beverages so that you can easily find them when you want them.

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