How to Clean Your Motorcycle with Steam

Steam cleaners truly are some of the most versatile and effective cleaning tools available today. They can clean virtually every room inside the house from top to bottom, clean sporting goods, clean your patio, clean your car, and yes – it can even clean your motorcycle! Motorcycles are exposed to a lot of dirt, grime, and debris when ridden. Motorcycles are often caked in grease, dirt, sap, bugs, and even tar! Motorcycle owners take great pride in their ride and want to show off all of a motorcycle’s features which means keeping it clean and shining like new as often as possible. Many harsh chemical cleaners can strip the wax or other environmental protectants right off of your motorcycle. Additionally, scrubbing with brushes or other bristled cleaning tools can scratch and scrape away at your motorcycle’s finish, permanently damaging your motorcycle.

Some people may think the answer to their motorcycle cleaning problems is to ditch the chemicals and scrubbing and use a pressure washer. But, the pressure of the water blasting the motorcycle can actually damage the finish on your motorcycle or small parts as well. Motorcycles have many small crevices that need thorough cleaning for best performance and longevity of use. Steam cleaning is a gentle yet highly effective way to clean a motorcycle. Steam is particularly useful because it does not use harsh chemicals and does not require vigorous, hard scrubbing – the steam penetrates even the smallest of crevices and then gently lifts and removes dirt, debris, grease, and a variety of other substances. Steam virtually dissolves grease, sap, and other gunk in a matter of seconds leaving behind pristine parts. Additionally, steam is safe for cleaning the upholstery on your motorcycle! Steam has different moisture content than water and therefore is less likely to damage metal parts or cause rust like pressure washing would but it is best to stay away from things like bearings. Steam cleaning is gentle on all delicate parts, will not scratch or damage finishes, and will more effectively clean and remove all of the various elements your motorcycle will encounter with use. Vapamore’s handheld steam cleaners are easy to operate and maneuver so that you can get all angles and areas of your motorcycle thoroughly clean. Additionally, Vapamore steam cleaners come with a wide assortment of attachments to ensure you can safely and effectively clean your motorcycle so that you can get back out on the road and show off your pristine ride.

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