How Steam Provides the Best Cleaning After A Flood or Fire

When a fire or flood occurs, whether small or large, damage will be left in its wake.  The damage from a flood can be significant, damaging flooring, furniture, critical structure and more.  And fire damage may leave something incinerated or may leave a lot of smoke damage if actual flames do not touch something.  The damage is not only upsetting but also very difficult to remedy.  Cleaning up after a flood or fire may seem like a gut job – time to just rip it all out and start fresh.  And, while this may be true in some cases, it is not true in all.  Sometimes, after a flood or fire, restoration can be achieved through the use of a steam cleaner.

If it is determined that something can be cleaned, rather than discarded after a flood or fire, steam cleaning with extraction is an ideal method.  The key to proper cleaning after a floor or fire is to do it as soon as possible, particularly in the case of a flood.  If a flood occurs and anything remains moist for an extended period of time (such as more than 24 hours) it may become impossible to clean it.  When a major fire occurs, even if the structure remains intact, there is often still a lot of cleaning up that is necessary.  This is also true in areas that have been ravaged by wildfires.  If your home was near a wildfire, yet remains standing, it could have been negatively impacted by the significant amount of smoke in the area.  Cleaning it properly and restoring it to livable conditions is a daunting task.  This is where a steam cleaner comes in.  A steam cleaner can be used on virtually any surface because it will not cause further damage.  Walls, ceilings, floors, cabinetry and more can be cleaned with a steam cleaner.  The steam will permeate porous surfaces and lift dirt, debris, smoke and more up and out.  Properly and promptly cleaning up after a fire or flood is critical to restoring your home or business without further damage occurring.  When you own your own steam cleaner, you will be able to clean your home or business in a way no other cleaner can offer and, should flood or fire damage occur, you will be prepared to swiftly and effectively clean up so that you can preserve your home, business and belongings.

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