How Steam Cleaning Can Improve Life For Allergy Sufferers

Achoo!  Are you sick and tired of the sound of your own sneezing?  Do your allergy symptoms drive you and your family nuts?  Does it feel like you can never get a break from allergy triggers, even in your own home?  If so, you may need to change how you clean your home!  If you are relying on chemical cleaners to kill and remove common allergens in your home, they may not be doing as good of a job as you think.  It is most consumers’ natural instinct to rely on harsh chemical cleaners but the natural cleaning power of steam is actually far superior when it comes to eliminating allergens in the home and creating the sanctuary that you need from allergy triggers.

Many allergy sufferers want to find the most effective cleaning solution for their home.  But often, chemical filled cleaners do not get the job done and only introduce more potential allergens and problems into their home with chemicals.  So, what is the alternative?  Steam.  It may sound absurd to say that water that has been heated to an extremely high temperature and turned into steam vapor could be more effective than chemicals but it is true.  Water is heated to such a high temperature that it turns into a steam vapor that is then propelled through a nozzle that focuses steam exactly where you want it to go.  When this steam meets any surface it kills 99.9% of bacteria.  While some chemicals cleaners may offer similar statistics, they leave behind a chemical residue that then gets absorbed into skin when touched.  Steam leaves behind no residue, only a clean and sanitized surface.

Additionally, steam goes where chemicals cannot.  Chemicals clean the surface with which they come into contact but steam penetrates any porous surface.  Steam penetrates deeply and lifts dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens up and out of a surface for the ultimate clean.  This is why steam is the best form of cleaning for all surfaces including things like carpet, upholstery, mattresses and more that you would not typically be able to use harsh chemicals on.  A steam cleaner, such as the Vapamore cleaner, is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaning tool for any household or business.  It can move from room to room cleaning and sanitizing.  Rather than needing multiple different cleaning products for various purposes, a steam cleaner can be used for the great majority of cleaning so that your entire household or business can experience a different level of cleaning and allergen removal.  Allergy sufferers will rejoice as they suddenly realize they are breathing more easily thanks to the power of steam.

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