How Steam Cleaning Can Disinfect and Kill MRSA

Steam cleaning is the best cleaning method for a variety of applications from industrial settings, to hospitals, to schools, to homes.  It is quick, efficient, and effective for cleaning just about anything.  But, steam cleaning is more than just a great cleaning method, it can actually disinfect surfaces.  It doesn’t just get rid of some of the bacteria like a lot of cleaners, it gets rid of up to 99% of bacteria without a single chemical! Because it does not use chemicals to disinfect it is ideal for use in hospitals, food preparation areas including both industrial settings and kitchens, and more.  People are often skeptical that just water can actually disinfect so well but it is actually the safest and most effective way to disinfect just about any surface.  Below we explain how steam cleaning disinfects things like bacteria and even MRSA.

  • The Science Behind Steam Cleaning
    • All steam mops or steam cleaners are created equal, right? Not only must you use your steam mop correctly according to manufacturer instructions but it must also be capable of reaching a very high temperature which many are not. Many of the big box store steam mops create steam but do not reach the temperatures necessary for disinfection but the Vapamore steam cleaners do. The Steam Mop Guy explains what is necessary for your steam cleaning to actually disinfect, “The truth is, yes, killing germs, eliminating bacteria, and generally disinfecting an area is possible with a steam mop, but you need to make sure you are using the product properly in order for it to be effective. In order to kill germs, you need to make sure you are getting enough heat, around 212-degrees Fahrenheit. Water can evaporate at any temperature, but it is more noticeable when you reach about 200 degrees, so just because you are getting steam does not necessarily mean you are thoroughly disinfecting.” Your steam cleaner will need to be able to reach temperatures over 200 degrees and you will likely need to hold focus the steam on the area of disinfection for at least 8-10 seconds for complete disinfection to be achieved.
  • Steam Cleaning for MRSA Disinfection
    • MRSA, aka Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, is an infection that is very hard to treat and is most frequently developed in patients in healthcare or hospital settings. It is particularly hard to treat because it is resistant to most antibiotics. It is one of the most dreaded infections for any hospital or healthcare setting which is why they often work very hard to disinfect and prevent MRSA.  Once MRSA is present it is a major problem because it is highly contagious.  Clinical Microbiology Reviews notes just how effective steam is for disinfection of contagious infection, “Steam vapor machines are rapidly effective against a wide range of pathogens, notably VRE, MRSA, and Gram-negative bacilli, including P. aeruginosa. Initial inocula of 7 log10 selected organisms are reduced to undetectable levels in less than 5 s following exposure to steam. The total surface bioburden from hospital surfaces is decreased by more than 90%, along with almost complete elimination of pathogens.”

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