How Does a Commercial Steam Cleaner Help the Pest Control Experts?

Did you know pest control experts will often use a commercial steam cleaner to eliminate some pests from a property? It is one of several pest control methods they may offer to the homeowners. You may wonder why a steam cleaner is used by the professionals in this industry, but there are quite a few good reasons.

Killing on Contact: Eliminating Pests With Steam

The number of people dealing with bed bugs in their home continues to rise. These bugs are often able to find their way into a home by traveling on clothes, luggage and other items. Even though they are referred to as bed bugs, they do spend time on couches and clothing instead of just mattresses and bed frames. The commercial steam cleaner may be used by a pest control expert to restrain the infestation and keep it from spreading any further, especially since one bed bug can produce at least one egg each day, which will start to make the problem even worse than it was in the beginning.

Bed bugs are unable to survive when they are suddenly exposed to extremely hot temperatures. It is for that reason the experts often recommend that homeowners throw their clothing and other linen in the washing machine and dryer on a hot cycle before they begin using them again. The temperature of the steam that comes directly from the commercial steam cleaner is about 220 degrees, which is hot enough to instantly kill both the bed bugs and their eggs right away.

Safe Solution for an Infestation: Avoiding the Chemicals

Although the steam kills these bugs and their eggs on contact, there is another good reason for homeowners to choose this solution over some of the other pest control solutions. Instead of using chemicals that may be considered dangerous to humans and animals, the experts can simply use the steam cleaner all around the property to take care of the problem. None of those strong chemicals need to be used during the process of removing the problematic pests.

The attachments for the commercial steam cleaner, including the triangle corner brush and fabric tool, make it easier for the professionals to get to every spot in the home, ensuring they have properly done their job to remove any of those unwanted bed bugs.

It is difficult dealing with pests in the home, but the experts are there to help. They may use a steam cleaner to begin taking action immediately. The cleaning device they use with the steam helps to eliminate the bugs, allowing you to enjoy your home once again.

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