How a Wet/Dry Vacuum Can Be Used to Clean Both Wet and Dry Spills

Accidents happen, and if you don’t have the right tools on hand to clean them up, you may be left with a mess. A wet/dry vacuum is a handy machine to have at home, at work or at school because of the versatility in being able to clear all types of spills. Whether you are a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, the principal of an elementary school or anyone else who makes human error, there are some big benefits of having one of these tools on hand at all times.

Wet Spills

Sometimes cleaning up spilled milk, water, grease or other liquids can take a lot of time. With a machine that handles wet spills, the job can be made easier. It can be used inside of showers and sinks, around toilets, on garage floors and in a variety of other places where wet spills are common. The various styles of vacuums allow you to take them to areas that would be otherwise hard to clean. With a handheld or a standup that has a hose, you can reach spills that went underneath the refrigerator, behind a cabinet or down in a crack on the floor.

Dry Spills

Most vacuum styles are more typically used for dry spills. A machine that can handle both wet and dry cleaning projects will typically have more suction power in order to do a better job. Common dry items that are sucked up in the machine might include crumbs, dust mites, allergens, old rodent feces and the typical dust and dirt that collect in any given space. Again, each style is versatile, which gives the user an option to suck up any dry spills that have happened anywhere.

A High Quality Wet/Dry Vacuum

A common tool that will do the job of a wet/dry vac is a steam cleaner. They have been effectively used in hospitals, hotels, auto shops, restaurants and homes. The way that they work benefits both the owner and the environment as they are chemical-free and will disinfect in a cost-effective way. With water and heat, the job can get done with precision and in a short amount of time, leaving no more germs, mildew, dirt or stains in the area.

If you are considering a more efficient cleaning option, look into a steam vacuum. There are styles available for multiple uses, and with the ability to clean both wet and dry surfaces and spills, it could be the most useful tool in the janitorial closet.

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