Hospitality Industry: Steam Clean to Prevent Pests and Bed Bugs This Summer Travel Season

As the summer arrives and more and more people go on vacation, now is the time to focus on best practices for pest control and elimination.  We have all heard the horror stories – a family goes on a vacation with the hopes of relaxation and escape, and they end up returning home with bed bugs.  Those dreadful bed bugs then infest their home and they have the nightmare of bed bug removal on their hands.  The infestation and spread of bed bugs has to stop.  If you do not already have a plan for pest control and bed bug prevention and removal, now is the time to develop one.  And, at the center of that plan should be a steam cleaner.  Yes, you heard us correctly.  Not chemical cleaners and pesticides that are harsh and often ineffective, what you need is a high-quality steam cleaner.

There are many reports that some bed bugs have become insecticide-resistant.  Over time and through exposure, bed bugs have gotten stronger and more resilient and typical insecticides cannot fully eliminate some bed bugs.  The problem is, if even one bed bug is left behind, the problem can spread again.  Nobody wants bedding that has been repeatedly soaked in harsh pesticides, even if it has been washed.  To properly prevent and eliminate pests and bed bugs in a hotel, resort, bed and breakfast, inn, holiday rental or any other establishment that sees a variety of patrons, the best method to permanently eliminate them is with a high-powered steam cleaner.  A high-quality steam cleaner heats water to such a high degree that it produces a steam that is capable of disinfection and killing bed bugs on contact.  The steam kills bed bugs and their eggs to ensure that they do not return.  Further, pesticides cannot always penetrate surfaces or upholstery without causing damage but a steam cleaner can be used on upholstery and most surfaces and will penetrate any crack, crevice or porous surface to deeply clean and eliminate every last bed bug.  The old saying “leave no stone unturned” is the perfect description of how a steam cleaner can be used to tackle pest and bed bug prevention and elimination in hospitality settings.  If bed bugs are discovered in your establishment, it can ruin you.  Nobody wants to stay in a hotel or inn that has had bed bugs because it just is not worth the risk.  With a steam cleaner, you can economically prevent and eliminate pests and bed bugs so that you have a successful and fully-booked summer vacation season.

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