Green Clean Care Facilities with a Steam Cleaner

Retirement homes, rehabilitation and long-term care facilities all are posed with the task of maintaining a certain quality of living for their inhabitants.  Regardless of what life occurrence or stage of life has prompted an inhabitant to live in a care facility of some sort, everyone wants to live in a clean and safe environment.  And, those that run care facilities want to provide just that but it can be challenging with multiple individuals dwelling in one place to safely clean surfaces on a regular basis and keep things disinfected to prevent the spread of disease and illness.

Chemical cleaning products pose a number of problems that care facilities should not have to deal with.  First, chemical cleaning products can create a biofilm on surfaces that helps harbor and grow bacteria.  Biofilm is invisible and incredibly hard to clean and the more you use chemical cleaners, the more it grows.  Additionally, chemical cleaning products are not safe for humans and have been shown to increase things like asthma and allergies and may be even be linked to cancer.  Further, a longterm care facility will rapidly go through chemical cleaning products when cleaning every day and sometimes even more often than that for spills or as needs arise.  But, in spite of the costs, long-term care facilities must not skimp on cleaning or run the risk of not only violating certain government mandated guidelines but also run the risk of inhabitants getting ill.  Steam cleaning is the ideal solution because it can clean and disinfect and, after the initial investment of purchasing the steam cleaner, all that you need to clean and disinfect is water.  The steam cleaning machine heats water to such a high degree that it produces a steam that is capable of disinfecting 99% of bacteria.  Steam cleaning is fast, efficient, economical and easy to do.  Anyone can use a steam cleaner and that one steam cleaner can move around from room to room and surface to surface, cleaning and disinfecting wherever needed.  Use your steam cleaner in patient/resident rooms, common areas, bathrooms, healthcare rooms, kitchens, labs, and more for the best in cleaning and sanitization.  More and more care facilities are looking to “green” their cleaning efforts to not only be more environmentally friendly, but save on costs and better protect that health of what may be and often are medically fragile individuals.  Steam cleaning is the green and efficient solution to cleaning and disinfection in care facilities.

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