Get Rid of Grease and Grime With Steam Cleaning

Grease and grime – anyone in any home or any industry can encounter it and it is one of the most difficult cleaning challenges.  Grease and grime tend to be oil-based and that is what makes them so much more difficult to clean than other spills or dirt.  Just spraying grease or grime and trying to wipe it away will often not be particularly effective.  Further, if grease or grime are in difficult to reach places or tiny crevices, as often happens in places like industrial settings such as factories or food processing facilities, or in commercial or professional kitchens, spraying chemicals and trying to wipe away grease and grime is simply not a possibility.

In addition to chemical products and good old “elbow grease” often being ineffective when cleaning grease and grime, chemical cleaning products leave behind a residue.  That residue is filled with harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to touch or ingest and have been shown to be so dangerous that they may cause cancer.  Those chemicals cannot be and/or should not be used in  places like food processing or packaging facilities, or in commercial and professional kitchens because food will absorb those chemicals.  But, cleaning must happen for things to look nice and for food to be prepared in sanitary conditions so what is the alternative to chemical cleaning products?  Steam.  Steam cleaning is incredibly popular because it is an effective way to disinfect and clean surfaces without the use of chemicals, which makes it safe and eco-friendly as well.  But, not all steam cleaning is created equal.  High quality steam cleaners, such as those produced by Vapamore, can heat water to an incredibly high degree so that steam not only cleans but disinfects up to 99% of germs and bacteria.  When you invest in a Vapamore steam cleaner, the steam it produces is heated to a much higher degree than most steam cleaners you can find in a big box store, and that steam is propelled so strongly that it can lift and remove dirt, debris and yes – grease and grime.  Also, because that steam is propelled so strongly, it can penetrate porous surfaces and get into the tiniest cracks and crevices to lift and remove grease and grime in a way that spraying a chemical product never could.  When you need to clean grease and grime and you do not want the mess, hassle, and danger of chemical cleaning products, choose a steam cleaner that can lift and remove grease effortlessly, leaving you with clean and disinfected surfaces.

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