Deodorize Your Shoes with a Steam Cleaner

When you think about all of the cleaning projects you should tackle with your steam cleaner, cleaning your shoes is probably not one of the first things to come to mind.  After all, a steam cleaner can be used to clean your house from top to bottom, be used to clean your car, be used to clean sports gear, be used to clean patio equipment, and so much more.  The possibilities for cleaning and disinfection are endless!  If you are like most households, at least one member of your family (or more!) have a pair of stinky shoes.  Even if the shoes are in great condition, the interior may have unpleasant odors locked into the fabric.  And that means the every time that person wears those shoes, the minute they take their shoes off, that unpleasant odor will invade your home.  Do not throw out of a perfectly good pair of shoes when all you need to do is reach for your steam cleaner!

When you wear shoes for any length of time your foot will naturally sweat and as you sweat that moisture and bacteria gets trapped inside your shoe and permeates the fabric.  Once it has permeated the fabric, it is there to stay because you do not typically throw your shoes in the washing machine along with your clothing.  There are other products you can put in your shoe or spray in your shoe to try to help with the odor but all they do is mask the true problem rather than actually solving the problem.  Take care of your shoes and eliminate those foul odors with your steam cleaner.  Yes, if you have invested in a powerful, high-quality steam cleaner you can use it to clean your house and your shoes!  When water is heated to such a high degree that it produces steam capable of disinfection it is the ideal tool for lifting and removing odors in fabric.  The steam can penetrate the pores of the shoe and all of the interior fabric to lift and remove dirt and kill bacteria.  It is the best way to get out all of the bacteria and dirt that is causing unpleasant odors and the best part is, it will also make your shoes look brand new because the steam will help get rid of dirt.  Protect your investment in your shoes and stop throwing out your shoes just because they stink.  Use a steam cleaner and enjoy your shoes for much longer, odor free.

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