Clean These 3 Sporting Goods with Your Steam Cleaner

Sporting goods such as fitness equipment, balls, safety gear, and more encounter their fair share of dirt, sweat, and grime. There is special gear for football, soccer, and hockey that you cannot just throw in the washing machine and yet, they must somehow get washed. Gym and other fitness equipment also get sweat and dirt all over it and even in the tiny crevices which can be very challenging to clean. While spraying and wiping down sporting goods and equipment is a good first line of defense, it will not get rid of the dirt and grime in tiny crevices or that has been soaked into fabric. The only way to get in, lift and remove dirt and bacteria, and truly clean and disinfect sporting goods and other fitness equipment is to use a steam cleaner. Below are 3 sporting goods you can clean with a steam cleaner.

  1. Protective Clothing
    • Many sports such as hockey, football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse and more use protective clothing and gear including helmets, pads, and guards to prevent injury and keep the sport safe. Protective clothing, in particular, tends to get very sweaty and dirty and, over time, really starts to smell. But not only that, it is a breeding ground for bacteria that can actually be dangerous! There has been recent concern over the spread of MRSA in the athletic world because of the amount of bacteria on sports gear, in locker rooms, and when making physical contacts during sports. There are various sprays available but they are filled with chemicals and not ideal for your health or for long-lasting gear and fabrics over time. Steam can penetrate porous surfaces and get into the tiniest crevices and cracks to lift and remove dirt while simultaneously killing 99% of bacteria.
  2. Gym Equipment
    • Have you ever had to sit on a seat in the gym and cringed just thinking about how many other people have sat on there, sweating. Even if it gets sprayed and wiped down frequently (which it may not always), there is likely remaining sweat and bacteria on the seat or on the handles of the gym equipment you are using. It is not just gross; it can spread illness and disease. Steam cleaning gym equipment is the ideal solution for gym owners or for those interested in cleaning their at-home gym equipment because it is quick and extremely effective. Killing bacteria and eliminating odors to leave behind the most clean and safe gym equipment for use.
  3. Sports Gear
    • Hockey sticks, footballs, basketballs, basketball hoops, rackets – they all get used frequently and encounter a great deal of dirt and bacteria on a routine basis. Even if the same equipment is used again and again by only one person, it will still get dirty and need cleaning and disinfection. Steam cleaning makes cleaning and disinfecting sports gear painless and prolongs the life of the equipment for continued use.


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