Clean Sporting Goods with Steam for the Best Clean Possible

Sporting equipment and goods see a lot of use and abuse.  No matter the sport, sporting goods are being used in a competitive environment and encounter dirt, grime, ice, sweat and more during use.  When you first purchase sporting goods they are clean and pristine but as they get used not only do they start to show wear and tear but they become very dirty and even have a bad odor.  Cleaning sporting goods properly and effectively without damaging them can prove challenging.  For instance, just think of an ice skate.  While it is used in a cool or cold environment the foot inside is sweaty and as it gets used it probably begins to smell.  How would you clean an ice skate without damaging it or damaging something with the blade of the skate?  As something like an ice skate begins to show wear and tear or begins to have an odor do you simply have to get rid of them and buy a new pair?  No.  Steam clean them!  Do you operate a gym with a lot of sporting goods and equipment that gets heavily used every day by a variety of people?  Nobody wants to use sporting equipment that has is dirty and sweaty from a perfect stranger.  Prevent the spread of germs, bad smells and general dirtiness on sporting equipment in a gym with a steam cleaner.  Steam cleaning really is the answer to your sporting goods cleaning problems.

Why is a steam cleaner better than spraying something with a chemical filled cleaning solution?  While those cleaning solutions may be effective at killing germs or cleaning surfaces, they are not completely effective and their chemicals are harsh, damaging equipment and ultimately getting on people’s skin, which nobody wants.  Steam cleaning uses no chemicals, just water that has been heated to a very hot temperature.  Once the water has been heated the steam it produces is incredibly effective at killing germs and cleaning sporting equipment, even in small or tough to access areas.  And, steam can be used on a variety of surfaces, both hard and soft, so it is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner that can be moved from sporting good to sporting good effectively cleaning and disinfecting as it goes.  Rather than having chemicals deteriorate things like padding on sporting goods, steam safely cleans and maintains that brand new look on sporting equipment like no other cleaner can do.  Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria and can get in all of the tiny spaces that sporting equipment often has, unlike chemical cleaners.  Additionally, it can penetrate surfaces more deeply than a chemical cleaner can so it is far more effective than chemical cleaning products.  To properly clean your sporting equipment, keep them looking their absolute best, and extend the life of your equipment, clean them with steam.

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