Clean & Degrease Industrial Equipment with Steam

Industrial equipment is no small investment.  Your company has probably invested thousands, or even millions of dollars in industrial equipment for your various manufacturing or work needs.  No matter what type of equipment you have or what your specific industry is, your industrial equipment will likely produce grease and experience grease build-up over time – it is inevitable.  That grease buildup could lead to contamination of whatever you produce.  Additionally, grease build up on things like motors, radiators, tracks or other parts can lead to equipment breakdowns which are expensive to fix and may lead to downtime on the job that may cause loss of profit.  The best, most efficient and effective way to clean grease buildup on industrial equipment is with steam.

Grease is notoriously one of the hardest things to clean.  It is sticky and slick and cannot be removed with just water.  Scrubbing and chemicals alone will not get all of the grease, particularly the grease that is in hard to reach or in tiny crevices.  Steam can effectively cut right through the grease.  It gets into the smallest of cracks and crevices to lift and remove grease with ease.  There are many types of industrial equipment that can be cleaned and degreased with steam – construction equipment, earth moving equipment, concrete trucks, bulldozers, mechanical equipment, farm equipment, food processing equipment, manufacturing equipment and more!  Pressure washing will not completely remove grease and it will lead to grease being splattered around, only creating more of a problem.  Additionally, pressure washing uses a large amount of water but steam cleaning is a much more eco-friendly option because it uses far less water.

When you clean with chemical cleaning products or pressure washers, you end up with a big mess and the risk of contaminating things with chemicals or damaging parts with chemicals.  Steam cleaning uses only water that has been heated to such a high degree that it produces steam capable of disinfecting up to 99% of bacteria.  That steam cuts through and removes grease easily without any chemicals.  You will no longer need to purchase chemical cleaning product after chemical cleaning product because of use.  Once you invest in a steam cleaner, you can degrease and clean your industrial equipment with simple, cost-effective water.  When you want to clean and degrease your industrial equipment in a cost-effective, eco-friendly way that is not just efficient but easy, steam cleaning is the ideal solution.

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