Clean and Disinfect Your Curtains or Drapery with a Steam Cleaner

If you have had your drapes or curtains for any length of time they have probably accumulated some dust, absorbed some odors, and may even have gotten some stains on them.  They can look perfectly “clean” from a distance but once you get up close you will see a heavy layer of dust just like any other piece of furniture in your home.  But, while you may remember to dust your countertops you probably are like most homeowners and you forget to regularly clean your drapery or curtains.  Did you know that dirty curtains are not only unsightly but they can actually impact you and your family’s health?  If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or is immunocompromised, those dusty curtains could be triggering allergy symptoms and could contribute to lung infections! 

Curtains tend to accumulate dirt, dust mites, toxins, odors, and could even become home to dreaded bed bugs.  And what makes it worse is that most curtains cannot simply be thrown in the washing machine.  Not only could that damage the fabric but it could actually cause them to shrink.  But, who has the time to take them to the dry cleaner and who wants all of those dry cleaning chemicals all over their curtains?  Nobody!  Spot cleaning will only get you so far and most cleaning products you can purchase at the store are filled with harsh and harmful chemicals.  Rather than dry cleaning or using store-bought cleaning products, steam cleaning is a safe, efficient and effective way to clean and disinfect your draper and curtains.  Additionally, high-quality steam cleaners, such as Vapamore products, heat water to such a high degree that not only will it disinfect your drapery but it can even kill and eliminate dust mites, pests and bed bugs!

It is easy to clean your curtains or drapery with a steam cleaner because you do not even have to take them down from the rods to clean them.  When you use a Vapamore steam cleaner you will use it on medium to high heat.  Start by gathering your supplies including the jet nozzle, clothes steamer, and cotton cover.  Next, test a small area first to ensure that the fabric will not be damaged by the high heat.  Then, use the clothes steamer with cotton cover and slowly begin to pass it over the drapery to allow the heat to clean, disinfect and kill pests.  You may also need the jet nozzle for additional cleaning of any visible stains.  Once you have passed the steam cleaner over the entire drape it will be clean and disinfected as well as free of odors, leaving you with a healthier and cleaner home.

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