Clean and Disinfect Daycare or Childcare Facility

Whether you run a daycare, childcare facility at a gym or church, preschool, or other any other place where children spend time you know that it gets dirty – fast.  Not only does it get messy, it gets dirty with germs and bacteria.  Between diaper changes, snot, drool, sneezing, coughing and any other bodily fluids, most places where children spend any time will probably be filled to the brim with germs.  Children love to play with toys but have short attention spans so they play with a toy (or worse, put it in their mouth), get their germs on it, then drop it and leave it for the next kid to play.  And that is how quickly germs and illness are spread. Keeping a daycare or childcare facility clean is no easy task and typical chemical cleaning products are not the best cleaning option.  Chemical cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals and toxins that are harmful for the health of both the workers and the children.  When it gets on skin or ingested it can lead to breathing problems, asthma, and has been shown to be linked to cancer.  And, keeping chemical cleaning products in an area where children play is not particularly safe unless they are locked away very carefully.  For these reasons (and MANY more), a steam cleaner is the best tool for cleaning and disinfecting a childcare or daycare facility.

Frequent cleaning after a child plays with a toy, touches surfaces, gets bodily fluid on surfaces, goes to the bathroom, gets their diaper changed or anything else is not exactly simple.  You have to get out all of the cleaning products, make sure the kids don’t touch them (and ideally don’t breath them in), get out cleaning tools, and stop what you are doing to scrub and disinfect for who knows how long.  A steam cleaner is fast, efficient, contains no harmful chemicals, and makes it easy to get back to playing quickly.  High-powered steam cleaners use only water and heats that water to such a high degree that it can clean and disinfect surfaces.  Steam cleaners can disinfect up to 99% of bacteria and even kill dust mites and bed bugs!  Steam cleaners are safe to use on virtually any surface so simply fill your steam cleaner with water and use it to clean counters, floors, toys, playmats, cribs, changing surfaces, bathrooms, tables, and anything else in your daycare or childcare facility.  And, steam cleaners are fast which makes frequently cleaning (a necessity!) easy and efficient.  Finally, steam cleaners are safe and easy to store because you do not need multiple different bottles filled with chemicals and other products to clean, you only need to store your steam cleaner in a cabinet and use it for any cleaning needs that may arise.

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