Better Gum Removal with a Steam Cleaner

Blowing a big bubble or freshening your breath with gum is a long-loved habit by millions of people.  But for business owners or cities and municipalities gum is often one of the most annoying forms of littering because it is difficult to clean up, unsightly and just plain gross.  Gum on the sidewalk can often be scraped up and removed with relative ease but if it gets stepped on and smashed into the ground or left for a long period of time it can be very difficult to clean.  But, more than the sidewalk, if it gets on furniture or upholstery it can be incredibly challenging to clean and it may seem like all hope is lost.  But, gum can be not only successfully removed but the surface you are cleaning can be protected and preserved as well.  The answer is not found in a bottle full of chemicals or any special scraping tools, it is found in steam.

Chewing gum typically softens with heat and hardens when cold so some approaches have been to freeze off gum but hot steam is actually a better approach.  Steam can quickly and easily remove gum from concrete, tile, asphalt, furniture and upholstery.  There are many companies that offer a steam service for gum removal but why pay someone else to do a job you can easily do with your own steam cleaner.  Getting gum off of any surface can be achieved by a few methods but there is a reason that steam is the best.  Steam not only cleans but sanitizes because when water is heated to such a high temperature that it produces steam it also kills 99.9% of bacteria.  Additionally other methods scrape gum off of the surface but if gum has seeped into something or penetrated a porous surface the best way to get rid of it and prevent permanent damage is to use steam.  Steam moves past the surface to penetrate deeply and lift and remove dirt, debris and substances like gum that have been ground in for the ultimate clean.  If you own or operate a business that encounters problems with gum, as many businesses do, it is best to own your own steam cleaner.  This will allow you to clean up gum immediately when you see it, reduce permanent damage and keep your business looking its best for your customers.  Additionally, when you own a steam cleaner not only will you be able to effectively and efficiently clean gum but you can use it for many other cleaning purposes because it is the best all-around cleaning tool you can own.

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