Be Careful Who You Purchase Your Vapamore Products From

When you want to purchase a high-quality, well-constructed steam cleaner or steam vacuum, you want to do so from a reputable source.  These days it seems that everyone can buy anything they want from online stores such as Amazon.  But, just because it is sold on Amazon does not mean it is sold by someone reputable or even authorized to sell Vapamore products. When you buy from an unknown, or unauthorized source, do you really know what you are getting?  Are you certain it will be the quality that you have come to expect from Vapamore?  At Vapamore, the only products we can guarantee and importantly for our customers, warranty, are products that are sold by Vapamore authorized dealers.

Buying from Amazon seems harmless enough.  If you are like most people, you have probably ordered a thing or two from Amazon and it has worked out great.  While there are some authorized dealers that sell on Amazon, there are also sellers that are not authorized to sell Vapamore products on Amazon and it can be confusing for the purchaser to know which one is the right one to choose. Additionally, if a Vapamore product is purchased from an authorized dealer on Amazon and is covered under warranty but returned for some reason it may simply be checked by Amazon and then re-sold again.  But, what if that product is actually broken, or has some sort of defect?  When this happens, we at Vapamore do not get to check and see if there is a problem or ensure that our products are actually working as they are supposed to.  If you are looking to make an investment in a Vapamore steam cleaner or vacuum it is important to buy it from an authorized local dealer to ensure that Vapamore’s high quality is protected and you know what you are truly getting.  At Vapamore, we take great pride in our products and think they belong in every household, business, school and commercial setting but we want everyone that buys our products to get only the best.  We are more than happy to help our customers, whether loyal lifelong customers, or those making a first-time purchase, to locate a local authorized dealer from which to make a purchase.

One thing is certain, before making any purchase, the most important thing you can do is check to make sure you are purchasing from an authorized dealer.  This is the ONLY way that Vapamore can guarantee, warranty, or service products for our customers.  Don’t worry, it is not complicated, simply go to Authorized Dealer page to see if you are purchasing from an approved seller so that you can be confident in your purchase.  Our Vapamore warranty is a lifetime limited warranty that protects our valued customers and shows how much pride we take in our products.  At Vapamore, we are excited for everyone to start using our high-quality steam cleaners and vacuums so that they can begin to experience the unparallel level of cleaning and sanitizing that we know is possible without chemicals but we want our customers to do so with a product that has been purchased from an authorized dealer so that we can guarantee its quality!

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