Auto Detail Using A Vapamore Steam Cleaner

If you’re like many car owners, you’re proud of your vehicle. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into it, and keeping it clean inside and out is a priority. Auto detailing is particularly important, as buildup of dust, dirt and debris from the road can lead to your vehicle wearing down a lot faster than it would otherwise.


Professional-grade auto detailing is important in order to make sure that no spots are missed. Additionally, regular cleaners and tools you find in stores or at home are not precise enough to do the trick. Furthermore, regular cleaning chemicals can cause a lot of damage, making the whole feat pointless.
So what’s the ideal solution that allows you to take matters into your own hands while still delivering on professional quality? Steam cleaning!

What is Steam Cleaning? 

You’ve probably heard of, or even seen, steam cleaners. These appliances come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all use steam to quickly clean and sanitize different surfaces. There are various reasons people prefer steam cleaning, from it being a less abrasive and more environmentally-friendly method to the fact that it is a highly effective technique that can clean a large variety of materials in just a short period of time. Substances like grease, dirt, sand, sap, tar, and even dead bugs are virtually dissolved and washed away.
It’s also worth noting that another major benefit of this cleaning method is the high temperatures that are used. Instead of just bleaching mold and bacteria so it appears non-existent (which is exactly what a lot of chemical cleaners do), the heat involved in steam cleaning actually kills these harmful organisms. When it comes to vehicles, this can go a long way in protecting metal, plastic and paint surfaces.

How Does Auto Steam Cleaning Work? 

When it comes to auto detailing, traditional methods call for scrubs and bristled tools that—while effective— can leave scratches and wear away surfaces all too easily. Harsh cleaning chemicals and pressure washers also are a no-go, as these too can damage the vehicle’s finish and even wear away important parts. Steam cleaning is a gentler alternative that allows even those tough-to-reach spots to be cleaned. Hand-held auto steamers offer professional-grade cleaning with lower risk.
It all comes down to moisture levels. While steam may be associated with a significant amount of moisture,  the truth is that it contains far lower levels than water. See, power washing and traditional soaking and scrubbing methods can cause significant damage to metal parts (rust is a real risk). The high volume of water that comes with pressure washing also makes it a risky method to use with bearings and other carefully-tuned parts. But when using an auto steamer, all of these risks are minimized.

The Vapamore Difference

It’s important to not just use any steam cleaning method or tool. After all, household steam cleaners just aren’t powerful or extensive enough to do the job, and you’re just taking further risks by picking any old cleaning tool off the internet.
Vapamore steam cleaners come from a long established brand and are intended for auto and motorcycle use. It’s also worth noting that Vapamore steam cleaners come with a wide variety of attachments that will allow you to reach any area with precision and care. With regular steam cleaning, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle looking sharp for many years to come!

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