Are You Cleaning Your Mattress As Often As You Should Be (Hint: Probably Not!)

We have an important question for you. When was the last time you cleaned your mattress?  It is ok, sit there and think about it.  Not sure?  Don’t worry, you are like most people.  The average person may frequently clean their sheets but they do not tend to clean their mattress very often.  Today tells us the startling truth about how often we should be cleaning our mattress, “When you snuggle into your bed at night, you’re sleeping on more than a comfy mattress. We’re talking sweat, dust, dust mites and allergens all sharing the bed with you. That’s why it’s important to clean your mattress at least twice a year, or better yet, with the change of the seasons.” No need to panic – if you have not been cleaning your mattress 2-4 times per year, you can start now!

While you obviously cannot pick up your mattress and toss it in the washer, there are many effective ways to clean your mattress.  Put down the chemical cleaners – they will only be absorbed into the fabric of your mattress and then you will be breathing those chemicals in each night while you sleep.  Those chemicals have been linked to things like asthma and even cancer so that is the last thing you want to be sleeping on.  Rather, grab your trusty steam cleaner.  The same steam cleaner you use for a myriad of household cleaning tasks can be used to not only clean your mattress but deodorize and completely disinfect your mattress.  Additionally, Vapamore’s commercial-grade steam cleaners can kill things like dust mites and bed bugs!  When you periodically clean your mattress with a Vapamore steam cleaner, you can rest assured that you are sleeping on the most clean and safe surface possible.

Vapamore steam cleaners come with all of the attachments that you need to easily and effectively clean your mattress.  The steam is heated to such a high degree that it produces steam capable of disinfection.  That steam is propelled through a nozzle and when you slowly move it over your mattress it will clean, deodorize, remove stains, and disinfect your mattress.  Using a steam cleaner is the best way to not only clean your mattress but it will also protect your investment in a quality mattress by extending its life!  Don’t just let sweat, dirt, dust mites and other allergens that can impact your health build up in your mattress – easily and quickly clean your mattress with a steam cleaner.

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