All Hotels & Resorts Should Use Steam Cleaning

We have discussed the many advantages of owning your own steam cleaner in a wide variety of applications and, when it comes to the hospitality sector, the advantages continue to be significant.  Hotels and resorts are constantly encountering new people, on a daily basis, from all over the world and in addition to housing them they also provide services such as food service and perhaps spa accommodations.  Daily intensive cleaning is a must to prevent a host of problems in the hospitality industry because there is nothing worse than providing unclean or unsafe conditions for your hotel guests.  Not only could someone get sick but it will reflect poorly on your hotel or resort, word will quickly spread, and you will likely receive fewer reservations as a result.  Steam cleaners and steam vacuums heat water to an incredibly high temperature to effectively clean and disinfect and they can be used in a variety of ways within the hospitality industry.

The first and most obvious advantage of steam cleaning, especially in the hospitality industry, is that it will lower cleaning costs.  Rather than having to constantly buy new cleaning products because they are used so often on a daily basis, steam cleaners simply use water so cleaning product costs will dramatically decrease.  Additionally, guests can appreciate that this green cleaning method does not require things like hazardous materials and strong chemicals to clean, yet achieves the same or better cleaning results than chemicals.  Next, steam cleaners are useful for a wide variety of applications within the hospitality industry including cleaning bathrooms, desks, carpet, mattresses, spa facilities, kitchen and food preparation areas and much more.  With one simple tool you can practically clean your hotel or resort from top to bottom.

Additionally, steam does not wear out surfaces as much as chemicals do over time so you preserve the pristine appearance of your hotel or resort, minimize the potential of damage during cleaning and wow your guests with how beautiful your venue is.  Steam can kill or remove things like mold, mildew and fungus that frequently appears in moist climates or simply in bathrooms or locker room facilities.  Rather than fighting and endless and losing battle with mold or mildew that is unsightly and sure to disgust hotel patrons, steam can completely kill and disinfect surfaces so that the problem is swiftly remedied.  A clean kitchen or food preparation area is something that is expected by hotel guests and inspectors alike.  Steam cleans even the hardest to remove, most caked on grease, burned food and other materials.  This will help preserve appliances and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and helps prevent chemical overuse that can contaminate food work surfaces and pose a danger to not only employees but guests as well.  Steam penetrates even the toughest of surfaces to lift and remove dirt, debris, bacteria and more, leaving you with a clean and completely disinfected area.  Hotel and resort guests will appreciate the improved level of clean that steam provides and hotel and resort managers will be able to take pride in how clean their facility is, as well as enjoy peace of mind that they have taken every precaution to prevent the spread of disease and illness and reduce the risk of bed bugs that steam cleaning offers.


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