5 Ways Steam Cleaning Improves Automobile Cleaning

Whether you are looking for an easy way to keep your car clean or you work on cars and want the most effective method for cleaning engine parts or detailing vehicles, one of the best options is steam cleaning.  Cars naturally get dirty any time you take them out on the road, it is inevitable.  It can be exhausting, expensive and a seemingly never-ending project to keep your car clean with traditional methods.  Additionally, traditional cleaning methods use a lot of water.  Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly, chemical free way to clean every part of your vehicle for  a level of clean that would be difficult to achieve any other way.  Below are 5 ways that steam improves cleaning when cleaning automobiles.

  1. No Chemicals
    • When dealing with cars you may encounter chemicals but when cleaning cars it is best to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. Harsh chemicals used on the exterior could damage paint jobs.  Harsh chemicals used on the interior could damage interior fabrics and upholstery.  So, how do you effectively clean without harsh chemicals?    Steam cleaning is an incredibly effective and safe cleaning method.  Without using a single harsh chemical, steam provides an optimal level of cleaning while also disinfecting.
  2. Clean Inside
    • Often, when cleaning a car you need many different products for many different cleaning needs. Cleaning leather may need one kind of cleaning product, cleaning fabric upholstery will require another kind of cleaning product, cleaning hard surfaces inside will require a different cleaning product and by the time it is all said and done you have a bucket full of different cleaning products and a lot of time and money spent.  With steam cleaning you can clean all interior surfaces with one tool.  It can be difficult if not downright impossible to clean all of the corners, nooks and crannies of interior detail work but with steam cleaning a nozzle can be directed right where you need it to go and steam pressurized into every area to thoroughly clean the interior of a vehicle.
  3. Clean Outside
    • Need to clean the rims of your tires or around door handles in hard to reach locations? A steam cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning both the inside and the outside of your vehicle.  While you still may need to use soap and water for a big wash of the body of your vehicle, a steam cleaner will get all of the fine detail work done in a way that no other cleaner possibly could.
  4. Fast Cleaning
    • When you steam clean you will no longer need to spend painstaking hours to get a truly detailed finish. Steam cleaning quickly and effectively removes dirt from even hard to reach or very small locations without needing any special tools or to spend hour scrubbing.
  5. Clean Engine
    • If you are someone who works on vehicles or just likes to keep your own engines very clean for optimal performance, stem cleaning is the best solution. Yes, you can even use a steam cleaner to clean engines so it can really clean the entirety of your vehicle.  Perhaps you are attending an automobile show and want to have a pristine engine to show off – steam cleaning is the answer.  Steam cleaning is the best way to most thoroughly clean your vehicle from bumper to bumper.

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