3 Ways to Steam Clean After a Flood

When flooding occurs in a residential or commercial setting, it can lead to a myriad of problems.  It can cause major damage and even lead to mold.  Depending on how extensive the damage is, it can take weeks to clean up and fully repair. If you have experienced a flood, all does not have to be lost and you don’t necessarily have to rip everything out or throw everything away.  With the use of a steam cleaner, you can restore your property safely and effectively.  Below are three areas in which you can use your steam cleaner to bring restoration after a flood.

  1. Hard Floors
    • Tile and wood flooring that experiences a flood can be saved depending on how long the flooring remained wet. This is particularly true for wood flooring. Anything that remains wet for an extended period of time is at risk of not only warping, staining and other damage, but also at risk of mold damage.  Once you have properly dried out flooring from moisture you can safely clean and remove dirt, debris, bacteria and even mold with a high powered steam cleaner.
  2. Walls
    • If your home has drywall for its interior walls, as most homes do, it is very susceptible to damage from a flood. Drywall essentially functions like a sponge and will soak up any moisture that comes in contact with it.  If moisture comes in contact with your drywall, the first and most important thing to do is dry it out.  If after it has been dried out and you think you may see a small amount of mold or dirt on the wall, the best tool to clean it is a steam cleaner.  A Vapamore steam cleaner is capable of not only cleaning and disinfection from high-powered steam, but it can also extract everything to leave behind a clean and dry surface.
  3. Carpet
    • Carpeting is often a casualty of a flood. Carpeting and the pads underneath absorb moisture and if that moisture is not completely extracted, and quickly, there is significant risk of mold developing.  Bacteria and mold love to grow in moist, dark places so damp carpet is fertile ground.  Once carpeting has been quickly dried out, the next important thing to do is clean it to remove bacteria and ensure all moisture is properly extracted.  There is a Vapamore steam cleaner or vacuum to meet your needs so that you can get complete disinfection and old removal/prevention while also extracting dirt, debris and bacteria to save your carpet.

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