3 Ways to Keep Your Walls & Ceilings Clean with a Steam Cleaner

You may not think you need to clean your walls and ceilings clean but they get dirtier than you think!  Walls and ceilings accumulate dust, can get scuffed or have marks and spills on them, and frequently absorb the various odors of a home including cooking or smoke odors.  It can be incredibly difficult to get these stains, spills and odors out without completely repainting which is no simple or inexpensive task.  And, many of the cleaning products available on the market today will either do an incomplete job of stain and odor removal or will actually do more damage to the paint on the wall, necessitating further repair.  By using a steam cleaner, you can easily reach any parts of your walls or ceilings that need cleaning and effectively clean, disinfect and deodorize without the use of chemicals.  Below are three ways you can use your steam cleaner to clean your walls and ceilings easily and effectively.

3 Ways to Keep Your Walls and Ceilings Clean with a Steam Cleaner

  1. Painted Walls/Ceilings, Wood Paneling, Wallpaper
    • Using your steam cleaner on low to medium heat, gather your attachments including the floor cleaning head, extension tubes, micro fiber attachment, nylon brush, and clothes/fabric tool with cotton cover. All painted walls, wood paneling and wallpapered walls are heat sensitive so it is best to test a small area first to ensure you won’t cause damage with your steam cleaner.  Once you have done a heat test, use the floor cleaning head with the micro fiber cover or clothes steam with cotton cover.  Then, use the nylon brush for corners and any obvious stains.
  2. Wallpaper Removal
    • If you need to remove wallpaper your steam cleaner will be an invaluable tool. To do so you will be using high heat as well as attachments including the nylon brush, jet nozzle, extension tubes, smooth surface tool and a scraper.  Use your steam cleaner at full power to soften the glue and remove the wallpaper.  If necessary, wallpaper striper can be applied first before steam cleaning/removal.
  3. Air Vents
    • To clean your air vents you will need your steam cleaner set to medium-high heat. Then, using the nylon brush attachment, jet nozzle, extension tubes, and cotton towel for cleaning.  Start with the brush and jet tip then wipe the air vent down with a clean cotton towel.


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