2 Tough Cleaning Projects Steam Tackles With Ease

Steam cleaners are some of the most powerful cleaning tools in existence and yet they only use water, no chemicals at all.  How do they pack such a strong punch with just water and provide such exceptional cleaning ability?  Water is heated to an extremely high temperature – over 210° Fahrenheit, and is then strongly propelled through a nozzle that directs the steam right at what is in need of cleaning.  It is the “green” choice, being both eco-friendly and safer for humans and pets because it does not use any harsh chemicals that wind up being absorbed through the skin or breathed in.  While you might look at steam cleaners that only use water and think that it probably only works best for things that are relatively easy to clean but that is far from the truth; in fact, a steam cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool when handling these 2 tough cleaning projects:

  1. Gum
    • We have all been there, gum gets stuck on our shoes, our clothing, a piece of furniture or upholstery, a wall or something else and we painstakingly try to scrape and scrub the gum off without causing damage. But, what often happens is just that – damage.  Gum is one of those tough things to clean that often ends in us simply throwing something out and giving up.  Unlike many other cleaning tools that are not only filled with chemicals that are bad for you but may also cause damage to surfaces or upholstery, steam cleaning is a powerful tool that can tackle gum removal without causing damage.  Steam gently cleans and lifts gum so that no damage occurs.  Not sure it works?  CNN explained that when it came time to clean the famous gum wall in Seattle, cleaners turned to the power of steam to clean one of the biggest walls of gum in the world, ” The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority has hired a contractor to handle next week’s deep clean, the Seattle Times reports. The job will involve an “industrial steam machine that works like a pressure washer,” Kelly Foster, of Cascadian Building Maintenance, told the Times. “This is probably the weirdest job we’ve done,” Foster said. In some places, the estimated 1 million pieces of gum are piled on up to 6 inches thick. Although the market cleans the curious tourist attraction every other month with a steamer, this is the first time anyone has tackled the gum’s complete removal from the original wall, the Times reports.”
  2. Grease
    • If there is one other thing that everyone hates cleaning, aside from gum, it is grease. Whether in a kitchen or elsewhere, grease is one of those things that is very hard and very messy to remove.  It seems like you start wiping away at the grease and all you are really doing is spreading it around more.  Further, in the kitchen grease tends to get stuck in tiny cracks and crevices and all of the hard to reach places that can be very difficult, if not impossible to clean.  The last thing you want to do is spray chemicals all over surfaces on which you will prepare food so it is important to find a food-safe way to clean grease and, fortunately, steam cleaning is just the way to do so.  Steam can penetrate the tiniest of crevices and porous surfaces to lift and remove grease with ease.  No more endless scrubbing to be rid of grease, steam will gently clean grease from all surfaces, as well as disinfect surfaces, leaving you with a spotless kitchen.

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